The Legends of the Rocking Dutchman

On Air

  • WOYW Good Time Oldies (previously Oldies Your Way) started to air the show on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 12:00 (noon) ET (5:00 PM GMT); now every Saturday at 11:00 AM ET (4 PM GMT)
  • The British internet radio station Bop Street Radio ran the show three times a week from April 23, 2013, until the death of the owner, Bob Hope-Hume, on January 31 of 2014. Bob and his radio station will be missed.
  • From Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, pretty close to Toronto, Oldies Alternative has broadcasted the Legends for just over two years until a format change.
  • Out of Hollywood, FL, (North of Miami) Reggae World Music broadcasts the Legends since 2013
  • From October of 2013, Atlanta-based Peachtree Radio FM has broadcasted the show for about three years until a format change.
  • Located in Philadelphia, PA is Blues Vocal Harmony Radio, specialized in 40s and 50s Rhythm & Blues.
    They broadcast the Legends since December, 28 of 2013.
  • From Waco, TX Crash Radio Waco airs the Legends since November, 9 of 2014. Weekly spot: Wednesday, 11 AM CST = 5 PM GMT.
  • From Kansas City, KS, multi-awarded blues radio station KCOR broadcasts the Legends since November, 14 of 2014. I'm on KCOR on Friday, 8 PM CST = Saturday, 2 AM GMT. Kansas City, Here I Come!
  • The British radio station Way Out Radio airs the Legends every Monday from January 5 of 2015, every Monday at 10:00 - 11:00 PM GMT. .
  • And another British radio station, Blaze Radio brings the Legends of the Rocking Dutchman since November, 14 of 2015, until it went off the air.
  • Starting July 8 of 2017, , another British station, airs the Legends of the Rocking Dutchman on Saturday Every Saturday 12:00 GMT and Sunday at 18:00 GMT.

I used to have a table here telling which show number would be on this and next week. Unfortunaltely it proved to be notoriously inaccurate. More and more, stations choose not to play the shows in sequence, and they are free to do so, but it's become impossible to predict what episode will be on this time.

Please refer to the radio station's time schedule for more information.

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Timetable view

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Time Station This week Next week
Monday 10:00 PM GMT Way Out Radio 129 Leftovers 130 Legends Mix
Tuesday 7:00 PM GMT Reggae World Music 207 Legends Mix 208 Legends Mix
Tuesday 11:00 PM GMT Blues Vocal Harmony Radio 187 Legends Mix 188 Decca releases, 1941/42
Wednesday 1:00 AM GMT Oldies Alternative 211 Legends Mix 212 The Regal label
Wednesday 1:00 PM GMT Oldies Alternative 211 Legends Mix 212 The Regal label
Wednesday 5:00 PM GMT Crash Radio Waco 137 Legends Mix 138 Decca releases, spring 1940
Thursday 11:00 PM GMT Peachtree Radio 189 Legends Mix 190 Bluebird Mix, 1940
Saturday 2:00 AM GMT KCOR 136 Soundies and movies 137 Legends Mix
Saturday 04:00 PM GMT Good Time Oldies 238 Decca Sepia Series 239 Legends Mix
Saturday 7:00 PM GMT Blues Vocal Harmony Radio 187 Legends Mix 188 Decca releases, 1941/42
Saturday 7:00 PM GMT Blaze Radio UK 84 More Booze 85 Roy Milton's Miltone label