The Legends of the Rocking Dutchman

The show

The Legends of the Rocking Dutchman is a one-hour show featuring pre-Rock 'n Roll Rhythm 'n Blues - African-American music up to around 1955 and sometimes going back all the way to the twenties. A growing number of episodes is available, see the episodes page for the status up to now. By now, there's enough for a weekly show for more than two full years. Yet you may broadcast them at any frequency you like, e.g. fortnightly, as long as I can keep up producing them.

Some of my shows will be themed, others will be just a mixed bag of tunes. Examples of themes will be: juicy lyrics in R&B (which is the theme of the sample show), vocal groups, dance craze songs, the great saxophonists, instrumentals, individual record labels, the number ones of the Rhythm & Blues charts. Some contain small history lessons together with music attached to the subject - like the AFM recording bans or my special on J. Mayo Williams.

None of the shows will contain references to acualities, dates, happenings unless customized and therefore can always be broadcasted.