The Legends of the Rocking Dutchman

Sound Quality

Recordings in the forties and fifties were not done in the Hi-Fi-standards we are used to nowadays, and even when re-released on CD, digitally enhanced from original masters in the vaults of record companies, the sound quality is different from all-digital recordings as we know nowadays. The recording technology just wasn't there and for many smaller independent labels, that provided a vast amount of Rhythm & Blues in these days, state of the art equipment just wasn't within reach. So be aware that the sound quality of the music is limited to that extent.

Furthermore, to provide that authentic shellac atmosphere, I will generally use music taken from old 78s, for as far as quality is acceptable and for as far as I have them available, rather than re-releases from vinyl or CDs. So the cracks in the grooves are a feature of this program. You may even notice that both the intro and outtro of this program are taken from shellac. It's meant that way.

Please note that the sample show, as made available for download, has been trimmed down to a low bitrate and sampling frequency and the sound quality of this sample is lower than the quality you will get for airing the show.