The Legends of the Rocking Dutchman - episode 72

The Melodisc label

Today's spotlight on a pretty much forgotten record label - Melodisc. Founded in 1945 it was one of the many indies that thrived on the booming Rhythm & Blues scene on Central Avenue of Los Angeles. The company set headquarters on famous Sunset Boulevard of Hollywood, and by the fall of 1946 it had contracted a few of the greats of West Coast Rhythm & Blues.

Unfortunately, in November of that year the premises burnt down to the ground and the owner was insufficiently insured - and that ended the operation of Melodisc. The masters were lost causing Melodisc's music to become obscurities. In 2010, Acrobat records dusted off some 78s of the label and compiled a 2 CD anthology that I play a selection from, together with telling the story of this label and the musicians that recorded for it.



  1. Marion Abernathy with Georges Dukes & Duchess - Abernathy's Voo-It Voo-It (M-1001)
  2. Marion Abernathy with Georges Dukes & Duchess - Abernathy's Boogie (M-1003)
  3. King Perry & The Pied Pipers - Mellow Reeni Riff (M-1005)
  4. King Perry & The Pied Pipers - Baby Baby Blues (M-1006)
  5. George Crawford & The Four Blazes - That's All She Wrote, 'Cause The Pencil Broke (M-1009)
  6. George Crawford & The Four Blazes - Let's Boogie (M-1009)
  7. Slim Gaillard Quartet - Boogin' at Berg's (M-1012)
  8. Slim Gaillard Quartette - Dunkin's Bagel (M-1013)
  9. Marion Abernathy & The Buddy Banks Orchestra - Ink Splink (M-1016)
  10. Flennoy Trio - Hey Lawdy Mama (M-101)
  11. Dan Grissom & The Flennoy Trio - Poor Butterfly (M-102)
  12. King Perry Quintet - King Perry Blues (M-107)
  13. Jack McVea All Stars - Scrub Sweep And Mop (M-109)
  14. Jack McVea All Stars - Fightin' Mama Blues (M-110)
  15. Karl George Octet - Grand Slam (M-111)
  16. Karl George Octet - Baby It's Up To You (M-111)
  17. Joe Thomas - For Boobs Only (M-113)


  • Wild Bill Moore Sextette - Bongo Bounce
The following music served as background music during the spoken parts:
  • Kirk Kirkland - The Saxaphone Rag
  • Howard McGhee - Night Mist (M-1001)
  • Jack McVea All Stars - New Deal (M-110)
  • Joe Thomas - Sequence (M-114)
  • Karl George Octet - Peek-a-Boo (M-112)